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Notary Signing Agent Companies

What is a Notary Loan Signing Agent?

Notary signing agent companies may require notaries to perform a range of different tasks. A notary loan signing agent is someone who prints loan documents, meets the signer, and notarizes their signature. The notary loan signing agent will then return the documents quickly for processing. People who do this job are also responsible for following any additional instructions given to them by the title company, lender, or notary signing agent companies who have hired them. Overall, the job involves helping home buyers and sellers as part of the loan closing process. You may be asked to fax the notarized documents back immediately, or you may need to use a specific courier or mailing service to make sure that the notarized paperwork arrives safely.


Since a notary loan signing agent has access to confidential and important financial information about borrowers, you must undergo a background screening. This screening is usually done once per year to help prevent the theft of private information and to help prevent mortgage fraud while keeping customers’ information safe and secure. Notaries can sign a wide variety of documents, while a notary loan signing agent typically only deals with financial documents related to a real estate transaction. If you are already registered as a commissioned Notary Public, becoming a notary loan signing agent is much easier. If you’re not currently a notary, then you will need to meet the specific eligibility criteria in order to follow your state’s specific rules and guidelines. You can choose to work independently or work for notary signing agent companies that can help you find work in your area. Whichever path you choose, this is a lucrative career that offers you a flexible lifestyle. You may also charge a higher fee for handling loan documents in addition to your regular notarization fee, which gives you the opportunity to make more money, too.

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