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Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Have you considered going back to work or finding a way to work from home to be with your kids?

Motherhood is not only one of the biggest changes in a women’s life but is also one of the toughest changes. Even though it is not ideal, society expects mothers to give up everything for the sake of their children while the fathers automatically assume the role of breadwinner. Many women give up their careers after having kids.

However, once the children grow up, many mothers find a growing desire to restart their careers. Going back to the 9-5 routine after a long break can be tough. It will require a lot of mental coaching from your end to get into the right headspace. If you are a mother looking to get back into the workforce, here are some tips from our end.

· Get some clarity

Now that you are clear about joining the 9-5 hustle, you need some clarity on where to start your career. You will also need to decide on the nature and type of job you want. Since you are starting from the start, choose a field that really interests and inspires you.

Otherwise, you would quit your job even before starting it. If you want to continue to look after your kids while doing your job, then you can look for jobs that can be done remotely from your home. Last but not the least, entrepreneurship is always a viable and exciting option for anyone looking to try something new.

· Update your resume

While applying for jobs, you will have to submit your resume for almost every opportunity. Therefore, it is important that you keep your resume and CV up to date. Do not miss out on anything and explain everything in detail. It would be ideal to do some online courses before looking for jobs as it will create a positive impact on your resume.

· Update your professional social media profiles

It has now become common for employers to check the LinkedIn profile of candidates as part of the selection process. LinkedIn has become the Facebook of the corporate world and it is important to have a profile in it. Making a LinkedIn profile is not enough as you also need to keep it updated at all times. You can create a presence on LinkedIn by regularly posting about relevant topics and following different people.

· Consider internships and part-time jobs

In the beginning, it will be tough for you to straightaway get a job as you are restarting after a long break. You can even go for full-time internships and part-time jobs that have the possibility of converting into full-time jobs. Many organizations are offering jobs to their interns and you will also get one if you perform well during your internship.

· Do not hesitate from networking

Nowadays, networking has become an important part of the corporate culture. It has become almost mandatory to interact with people to get ahead on the corporate ladder. Therefore, you should also put yourself out there for better networking. Moreover, you can also join networking groups on platforms like LinkedIn as you never know what opportunity might come knocking on your door.


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