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Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Are you curious what a day in the life of a notary mom looks like? Does it sound like something that would work for you?

Good Morning!

On any given day I typically have a signing or two already scheduled. Today I had two, one at 9 AM for $150 and one at 11 AM for $115. My day started out waking up at 5:30 AM to work out at my local crossfit at 6 AM. Once I arrive home around 7, we typically have two children up and about. My husband has started them on breakfast and put together the lunches for the four kids.

Together we wake the remaining children up and get everyone ready to go for school in addition to readying myself. We get children on the bus by 8:30 and my husband takes our youngest to school. Meanwhile, I left for my first signing, with documents already prepped and in hand with my supplies.

Signing Time

I arrived at my first signing by 9 AM and had a wonderful signing with an older couple. It was a refinance signing and took about 35 minutes to complete. I wished them a good day, triple checked that I got all the signatures and was on my way. With it being only a little after 9:30, I still had some time to kill before my next signing, so I stopped in at the store for a few groceries that we needed for dinner.

My next signing, a home purchase, was only 15 minutes away. I arrived early and out of boredom thumbed through their documents and rechecked all the signature lines. Which of course I already knew by heart. At 10:50 I figured being a few minutes early wouldn't be a problem and I approached their door.

A young man about my age greeted me and requested we sign in his garage thanks to the rain and Covid. I agreed and stepped back to allow him to shut the door and open his garage door. He had a table and chairs set up and we conducted business. The package was smaller than the 9 AM refinance documents, but the signing took the same amount of time. I thanked him and we parted ways. Sitting in my car I scanned through the documents again just to be sure and headed to Fedex to ship out both sets of documents.

After that I was well on my way back home to have lunch with my hubby and got a text regarding another signing for 7PM. I accepted it at $100 and called to confirm the time and address with the signer.

Usually my time between lunch and picking up our youngest from school at 2PM is spent working on my blog amongst household chores. I left around 1:30 and was home by 2. Sometimes I can get in some additional work or finish up chores and spend some one on one time with our son. He currently is very much into practicing his T Ball skills!


When 4 PM rolls around we all venture towards the bus stop and greet the rest of our hoard, they usually see who can race who home fastest. By the time the kiddos are all home they get a quick snack and spend some time unwinding from their day. Meanwhile, my husband and I begin dinner and the whole routine around it with chores and homework. Tonight, however, I prepped for my 7 o’clock signing. What does the prep work look like you ask? I started out by downloading and printing the documents, two copies, one to sign and one as a copy for the signers. Then I thumbed through and ensured that there weren't any unfamiliar documents, checked signature lines and filled in my information into the notary spots so that I could just stamp and sign when we reached those documents. I snap a binder clip on and presto I am ready! I then place my pens, notary journal, stamp and documents all together so I can grab and go. I spend some time with my family and then leave for my final signing of the day.

My last signing is a military mom who’s refinancing and her husband lives down the coast in California. Her 1 year old was fussing near us in the living room with his grandmother. She seemed nervous and very stressed. I accessed the room and realized she would need a gentle and patient approach to the signing. The signing took an hour and a half, but she appreciated that I walked her though the best I could and took extra steps to get her lender on the phone to further answer her questions. Win.

I was able to make it home in time to kiss the girls goodnight and help get our oldest to bed before I myself wound down from the day and watched a show with my hubby.

All in all it was a great day!l I made a total of $365 for the day for only 2 hours of active work sitting with clients.

That is a day in the life of a notary mom!



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