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Remote online notarization benefits notaries in so many ways. Here are 3 ways RON benefits notaries.

Remote online notarization or RON is the new rage of the notary business. Everything in today’s world is going digital. You can do anything from buying groceries to buying stocks through the internet. It was a matter of time before notarization also started online. If you are a notary who is yet to start with RON, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

Offering your services online will only help you in growing your notary business. If you are skeptical about starting with RON, then here are three reasons why you should take the plunge.

Prevents danger of spreading COVID

The pandemic has been hard on all of us and it has been tough for the past two years. Many notaries have lost clients due to the social distancing that followed due to COVID. People have become skeptical about going out and their fear is justified. The adverse conditions of the pandemic have created a huge opportunity for notaries through RON. During RON, the notary and the client don’t have to come face-to-face as everything happens online. The client can get his/her documents notarized sitting at home. RON not only provides convenience to clients but also prevents the danger of spreading COVID.

Reduces cost and increases efficiency

Mobile notarization is time-consuming as you have to travel to your client to notarize his or her documents. On the other hand, it generally takes 15-20 minutes for notaries to complete RON. This allows you to do more notarizations in a day compared to mobile notarization. Moreover, in a mobile notary, you will spend money on travel, food, and other expenses. Even if you are operating a traditional notary business, it comes with expenses like rent of the office.

All these costs and expenses can be prevented by switching to RON. You don’t need any additional equipment other than a laptop with a webcam. You also don’t need a separate office as you can conduct RON from the comfort of your home.

More convenient for you and your client

When a person visits a notary, there is a possibility that he/she may have missed a document at home. Going back to retrieve the document will eat up your whole day. A mobile notary is more convenient compared to a traditional notary service. However, you have to pay a higher fee for the personal service offered by the notary. Everything ultimately boils down to convenience. RON is extremely convenient not just for you but for your client as well. Your volume of work will increase and your client can also provide documents digitally sitting at home.


RON has become vastly popular because of COVID. While the people have adjusted to the virus, RON is here to stay. It won’t be long before mobile notarization possibly becomes a thing of the past. By starting early, you can create a market for yourself in the online space. Even a delay of one year can cost you your edge. People are choosing convenience over everything and you can only survive by adapting to the changing trends.


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