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Many documents in the US like wills, trusts, deeds, contracts, affidavits, etc. don’t hold any value before the law unless they are notarized by an authorized notary public. In the US, there are mainly two ways to get your document notarized. You can either approach a mobile notary service, visit a UPS store or another equivalent. If you are here reading this article, you are probably wondering which approach is better.

What is a UPS store?

The UPS Store is a subsidiary of United Parcel Service that provides a wide variety of services like shipping, shredding, printing, fax, passport photos, as well as notary services. It is well established in the US and the world with more than 3,900 locations across the globe. The wide network and the availability of stores is the biggest advantage when it comes to the UPS store.

What is a mobile notary service?

In the case of the UPS store, you have to go to the store with your documents to get them notarized. However, there is a more convenient option in the form of mobile notary services. In mobile notary services, the notary public travels to your location with the necessary tools to notarize your documents. Nowadays, most of the notary publics are offering mobile notary services.

Mobile Notary Service Vs. The UPS Store: Which is better?

The following factors will help you in comparing mobile notary service with the UPS store:


At first, it may seem like the UPS store is the clear choice when it comes to availability. However, that is not the case. While there are many UPS stores in the US, not all stores offer notary services. Moreover, it is difficult to spot a UPS store in the rural areas of the US. On the other hand, mobile notary services are available in plenty all across the US.


There is no doubt that mobile notary services are more convenient. In chilling winters, going to the UPS store for notarization seems like a humongous task. Instead, you can call the notary public to your place and get your documents notarized without stepping outside your house.


It is tough to make an appointment at the UPS store and it is open only for limited hours a day. The appointment time and the store hours might not always align with your schedule. On the other hand, mobile notary services are available all the time and can easily fit into your schedule.

Access to Your Documents

When you visit a UPS store, you need to carry all your documents. In case you forget any document, you will be forced to go back for it. However, that problem does not arise in the case of mobile notary services. Since you are notarizing the documents sitting at your house, there is no question of forgetting documents.


Based on the factors above it seems clear that mobile notary services are better than the UPS store in almost all aspects. However, it could be that given your circumstances or situation UPS would be better for you! It all depends on the person and their personal preferences.

The biggest advantage of choosing a mobile notary service over a UPS store is the convenience and accessibility. While UPS stores are good for notarizing, there is no doubt that mobile notary services can be better.


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