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Are you a licensed notary whos commision is expiring or expired? Not sure how to renew your license? Then this post is for you.

Whenever a notary gets commissioned, there is an expiration date for it. If he wishes to continue as a notary beyond that date, he needs to get the commission renewed. Without renewing, a notary cannot continue his profession of notarizing documents. Here is what you need to do to renew as a notary.

Steps to renew as a Notary

One thing you need to understand is that the laws surrounding notarization vary from state to state. Every state has its own set of rules and regulations and it can differ by a great margin. The same can be said for the renewal of the notary commission. However, the general process to renew as a notary is as follows:

1. Enroll for state-required testing and complete it.

2. Submit the notary application for renewal.

3. Buy your bond and file it.

4. Get your notary commission.

5. Order your new notary seal and other notary supplies.

6. Perform notary duties.

While the above steps only provide a general framework for the renewal process, you might still be riddled with questions. We have tried to answer some frequently answered questions so that you get all your doubts cleared here itself.

How early should I start with the renewal process?

This again depends from one state to another as the rules are not the same across the US. As a general rule, you should start thinking about the process at least six months before the expiration of your current notary commission.

Is there a problem if there are breaks in my commission?

It is clear that you cannot perform notarial duties till your commission comes into effect. In many states, the process for getting your first commission and renewal of commission is the same. Many states require you to clear a test or take training while getting your first commission. If you take a long break or wait too long to renew your commission, your state may ask you to take the training or the test.

Is there anyone to assist me with the renewal process?

There are many organizations that provide such services. These organizations will help you navigate through the process and assist you from the very start. The name of such organizations can be found on your commissioning agency’s website or simply on the internet.

How long does it take to renew my notary commission?

The time taken for renewal can go from a few days to more than six months depending on the state. The time taken ultimately depends on the number of steps involved for the renewal of commission. Therefore, it would be ideal to check with your state’s commissioning authority so that you start with the process on time.

What is the cost and equipment required for renewal?

The cost of renewal is generally less than $100 in most states but can also cost several hundred dollars. As far as the equipment is concerned, you will have to issue a new notary seal after the renewal of your commission.



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