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If you are a notary public, you already know the importance of a notary stamp.

When a notary public puts their stamp on a document at the end of notarization, they are essentially suggesting that the notarization is complete. The stamp is proof that all the steps for notarization have been followed by the signer and the notary public.

Therefore, it is a pretty big deal when a notary public loses their stamp. It is no laughing matter as they cannot notarize documents without it. If you ever lose your notary stamp, do not sit back and relax. You need to follow certain steps to ensure that you don’t end up in any sort of trouble. Here are the steps to follow in case you lose your notary stamp.

1. Look diligently

Before doing anything else, search diligently for your stamp. You can avoid a lot of trouble and effort if you find your stamp. Moreover, there is always the possibility that the stamp can be misused for fraud and forgery if it gets into the hands of the wrong person. If anything wrong goes down because of the stamp, you will be held responsible for the same.

2. Inform the notary public administrator

If you are certain that you won’t find your stamp, immediately inform the notary public administrator in your state. Many states have outlined the steps for a notary in case the stamp gets lost. Some states require you to fill out a form while a call to the state's office is enough in some other states. If nothing has been specified by your state, send certified mail as well as an email to the administrator.

3. Inform your local law enforcement

The next step should be to inform your local law enforcement. Be as detailed as possible while describing the notary stamp. You can give details like the brand, type, shape, size, and ink color of the stamp.

4. Order a new notary stamp

Now that you have lost your notary stamp, you need a new one. While ordering a new stamp, you need to be careful about certain things. The new stamp should not resemble your old stamp in any way. It should be of a different shape and size. It would be ideal if the color of the ink is also different. Never duplicate your old stamp as it could lead to a lot of trouble for you and your business.

5. Keep a record of everything

Keep proof of the above steps and journal the circumstances under which you lost your stamp. Write a detailed account in your notary record book regarding the steps you took after losing the stamp. Also, mention the date on which you began using the new notary stamp.


If you have reached this far, you now know that losing a notary stamp is a lot of hassle. Therefore, always be extra careful about your stamp. Moreover, in case you lose the stamp, don’t be lazy and follow the above steps as avoiding it will eventually haunt you in the future.


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