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Updated: Mar 29, 2022

It can happen that mistakes made during signings end up getting you in big trouble. The clients of a notary public are generally smaller when compared to a notary signing agent. Signing agents play a big role in the mortgage industry and hence, any mistake can lead to big financial damage.

Therefore, signing agents must avoid such mistakes to prevent lawsuits and ensure repeat customers. We have compiled a list of the most common mistakes committed by notary signing agents so that you don’t end up doing the same.

1. Missing signature

Notary signing agents deal with documents that require the signature of the client on multiple pages. Therefore, it is common for the client and the signing agent to miss the signature on a few pages. The signing agent cannot move ahead until he gets the signature on all the necessary pages.

If you are lucky to receive the documents from your client in advance, mark the spaces for signature in advance so that you don’t miss them. In case that happens, you have no other option but to call your client back and get the signature done on the missing spaces.

2. Acknowledgment details filled out incorrectly

As a notary signing agent, you have to fill the acknowledgment with details like the borrower’s name, county, state, date, etc. It is very important that you fill out the details correctly. In case you make a mistake, strike the error once and initial on top of it.

The most common error committed by signing agents is that the spelling of the borrower is written incorrectly. Therefore, make sure you don’t commit the same mistake.

3. Shrunken font size

Signing agents often commit the mistake of shrinking the font size to fit the document to letter-size paper. This can be a problem because many counties have specified a minimum font and going below that will lead to a violation of the rule.

Using a dual tray printer is the best way to tackle this problem. If you commit this mistake, the county will eventually reject the document and you will have to pay a visit to your client again with the document in its right font.

4. Illegible notary stamp

This is a mistake that even the notary public makes while notarizing documents. Once the signing agent is done with everything, he puts his notary stamp on the document. The stamp is an indication that the signing agent has approved the document.

However, if the stamp is illegible, it can open the signing agent to potential problems. A signing agent should always carry a bottle of ink in case the stamp dries out.


There are many more mistakes that a notary signing agent can commit. The notary signing agent needs to be careful and that is the only way he can avoid such mistakes. As you face more and more clients, your instincts get better and you will commit lesser errors.


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