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Updated: Nov 3, 2021

There are many reasons why becoming a notary are advantageous.

My journey as a notary has been an interesting ride so far. Many people ask me what prompted me to become a notary. After notarizing thousands of documents, I can say one thing with complete conviction- my decision to become a notary was probably the best decision I made. Becoming a notary fell into my lap almost by accident and to be honest I was terrified, but the pros of becoming a notary outweigh the cons tenfold. If you are confused about why you should become a notary, then the below pointers from my personal experience may help you to arrive at your decision.

Work on your own time

Let’s be honest, no one likes the 9 to 5 corporate culture and almost everyone will snap out of it on finding an alternative source of income. The work of a notary is pretty flexible as you can decide on your working hours. It is completely your choice as to how much time you want to dedicate as a notary public. Some states have approved online notarization and you can now provide your service from the comfort of your home.

It’s not tough to become a notary

The process of becoming a notary is not very tough. You need to see if you are eligible to become a notary in your state. Moreover, the process of becoming a notary public varies from state to state. Additionally, you don’t have to spend a lot initially in order to become a notary. If you are determined to become one, then it is not at all a difficult career or side gig.

Stand out in your resume

Becoming a notary can open the door for you in many industries. Insurance companies, real estate firms, law firms, etc. require a notary on a regular basis. You can successfully move ahead of others if you put the term ‘notary public’ on your resume. It might even help you in negotiating a higher pay but that will also depend on how your salary.

Extra income never hurts

It is tough to earn high figures as a notary if the economy is not booming, but it can surely help you in earning some extra income regardless. If you want to maximize your earning capacity as a notary, then you should also provide additional services like being an apostilles specialist, loan signing agent, wedding officiant, etc. Unlike a corporate job where the salary is credited at the end of the month, notary publics are paid on the spot. This is not the case for loan signing agents.

Stable job

In times of pandemic, everyone is struggling to hold on to their jobs. Once you become a notary, no one can fire you as you are self-employed. On average, 1.25 billion documents are notarized every year. It clearly shows that the need for notaries will not die down anytime soon and in fact is at an all time high. While you might get fired from your corporate job tomorrow, nothing can stop you from notarizing documents once you get certified as a notary public.


You can find a million reasons to say no to an opportunity. However, you will always regret not giving it your best shot. Becoming a notary or loan signing agent will change your life if you put the work into it and can be a very rewarding career. The advantages of working from home, managing your own schedule and having the ability to manage yourself allow you the freedom that you deserve.

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