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Like any other business, notary businesses are also completely dependent on their clients. With any clients or customers, there is no point in running a notary business. While acquiring customers for your notary business is a different game altogether, it is important that you retain those people and organizations who are already your customer.

The cost of acquiring new customers is always more than retaining existing customers. Therefore, regular customers not only help with consistent income but also help in reducing the cost of acquiring customers. If you have a notary business, then here are some tips to get repeat customers.

1. Transcend expectations

Customers have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a notary. Focusing on the little things will ultimately help in getting your customers back. If you are a mobile notary, then small aspects like reaching your client’s place on time and speaking courteously will leave a good impression on the client. While you may think it is not important, a customer always notices such minute details. If you don’t focus on these things, the customer will eventually go to a notary who actually transcends the expectation of the customer by focusing on the small details.

2. Allow the customer to take charge

Every customer or client is unique and it is impossible to deal with all of them in the same way. Some customers prefer to keep the conversation on the text while other customers may only communicate through calls. While running a notary business, you should be flexible in dealing with the customers. You should allow your customers to take charge and then mold your service around it. In this way, the customer also feels valued.

3. Go beyond your business boundaries

Inside the business realm, there is a clear demarcation regarding who is the service provider and who is the customer. However, in order to keep good relations with your customer, you need to break this demarcation and treat your customer as a friend. Suppose your client is organizing a charity event, you don’t have an obligation to go to the event. However, if you go to the event, the customer will notice how you are going over and above to maintain the relationship.

4. Express what you feel

As a notary, you might have noticed that some customers are always understanding and polite. If you feel that way, express the same to the customer and make them feel good. You can even express your satisfaction with the customer in the form of a shout-out on Twitter. The most important aspect is to ask for constructive criticism. Always follow up with your customers and ask them for feedback. There is no harm in doing so as it will ultimately improve your customer service.


There are many more tips but everything ultimately boils down to your customer service. How you treat your customers and how you deal with them will ultimately decide the fate of your business. Without customers, your business is merely an idea. Therefore, focus on your customer, and the rest will follow.



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