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Being a mobile notary may not be the best fit for you, which is why you should look into getting started as a RON notary.

For those of you who don’t know, a remote online notary performs the task of notarization online through electronic signature, identity verification, and other online technologies. For the longest time, remote online notarization (RON) seemed impossible and a thing of the future.

However, the pandemic has highlighted its significance and created a fresh wave of demand for RON.

All those who have visited a notary already understand the popularity behind RON. At present, RON is getting popular but not many people have ventured into it in the US.

It is the right time for notaries to start providing RON services to create a unique notary brand. Here are some tips that will help you in setting up a remote online notary business.

· Get the basics right

You cannot wake up one fine day and start with RON as you need to get certain things in place. With RON, the notary and the signer come together for an online audio and video recorded session. The identity of the signer is virtually verified by the notary. The regular commission is not enough to start with RON. Notaries need to obtain an electronic notary commission along with a digital certificate, and a digital seal.

· Equipment for RON

The equipment required for RON is pretty basic. You will need a laptop or PC along with other basic equipment like a headset, good internet connectivity, and a browser like Chrome. You must be careful about where you choose to conduct your business. It can be a home office or somewhere else. However, whichever place you choose should be quiet and free from noise. Make sure the background looks professional as the clients can only assess your professionalism through such ways.

· Skills required for RON

During RON, you will use certain software to carry out the notarization process. Therefore, you should be thorough with the software to ensure a smooth notarization process. Other than technical skills, you also need to focus on some general skills like attention to detail and strong customer service skills. There will be cases where the client won’t be technologically savvy and you will need to be patient with them to ensure repeat customers.

· Legal aspect of RON

Online notarization can be tricky as it is dependent on technology. Technical glitches, poor internet connectivity is some of the problems that you will definitely encounter while doing RON. Read about the legal aspects of RON to understand what needs to be done in such situations. You can also join support groups or get in touch with other notaries to clear your doubts.


It is easy to say no to an opportunity just because the road looks tough. However, taking that leap of faith may become the reason for your success. RON is a new opportunity for every notary and it is up to you to take it or leave it. Taking it will have its challenges but it will ultimately set you apart from your competitors.


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