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Notarization of documents is a complicated process. Every notary has to follow a process and is responsible for authenticating the document. It is only human for notaries to commit errors once in while notarizing documents. However, every notary must check some specific pointers while going through a legal document.

Here are some of the things a notary must check before finalizing the notarization of a document.

No blank spaces

Before putting the notary seal to complete the notarization, make sure there are no blank spaces in the document. Any document produced by your client for the purpose of notarization is private and reading the details might lead to a breach of privacy. Therefore, a notary should only make a quick glance to ensure that all the necessary information is there in the document.

Complete notary certificate

Most of the documents get rejected due to an incomplete notary certificate. As a notary, you must ensure that the notary certificate has all the necessary information. Sometimes, the certificate may have some incomplete sections. This will imply that the certificate is incomplete. Therefore, every notary must ensure that the notary certificate is complete with no missing sections.

Proofread the notary certificate

Sometimes, the notary certificate may have incorrect spelling. In fact, there have also been cases of incorrect information. Such instances may instantly question the validity of the notarization. In many cases, the notarization is outrightly rejected. It is best that the notary takes a few minutes to proofread the notary certificate to avoid such mistakes in the future. Check every minute detail like the spelling of the signer’s name, location of notarization, date of notarization, etc.

Correct information on signature and seal

Another important thing to check is the information on your signature and seal. Every notary has to put his signature and seal in the notary certificate during the notarization process. However, he/she must ensure that the signature and seal are done in the proper section of the notary certificate. Moreover, the seal shouldn’t be blurry and must be clear and legible.

Correct information on commission

Some states require notaries to provide their name and commission information on the certificate. While providing this information, make sure the details are correct. Incorrect information can again lead to the rejection of the certificate.

Collect all information from signer for notary journal entry

Before allowing the signer to leave, make sure you have taken all the information from him for making your notary journal entry. You will risk entering an incomplete journal entry if the signer leaves without providing all the information. The best way to approach this problem is to get all the information at the start of the appointment.


All the above points suggest one thing- the information provided must be correct. A notary must always crosscheck these above points to ensure that there is no discrepancy in regard to the notarization of the document. Any kind of wrongful information can eventually dampen the validity of the notarization.


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