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Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Due to the pandemic, many notary publics adapted to the situation and dove into RON. If you are not one of them, then there is no need to panic as it is not too late. As of now, 40 states have passed laws permitting RON.

Most states require you to choose an approved RON platform to carry out notarization remotely. However, it is important to consider certain aspects before going ahead with a RON platform.

Here are some pointers that will come in handy before choosing a RON platform:

1. State’s RON requirement

The first thing to consider while looking at a RON platform is whether it is compliant with your state’s RON laws. Most of the states require RON platforms to get approval from the commissioning official. If you are operating in a state that requires such approval, then you can look at the website of the notary regulating agency to get a list of approved platforms. You can also check if the platform is MISMO (Mortgage Industry Standard Maintenance Organization) compliant if you intend to notarize loan documents online.

2. Security measures undertaken by the RON platform

The second thing to understand is the security measures taken up by the RON platform to protect the notary records. Some platforms provide you the system to back up your electronic notary journal records as well as audio-visual meetings with your clients. Carefully examine the security measures taken up by the platform like password protection, level of encryption, etc. The security of your notary records is of utmost importance as any loophole can cost you big time.

3. Cost of the RON platform

It is important to understand the cost structure of any platform before choosing it for RON. Some platforms take a monthly or annual fee and allow you to use the platform during that time. However, some other platforms charge a separate fee in case you want to store your notary records. The platform may also charge a maintenance fee from you at regular intervals. Before paying the fees, carefully understand what all services are included in it.

4. Ease of Use

Every RON platform is different from the other when it comes to the ease of using the platform. Some platforms provide free demos to signers before the actual notarization to get them familiar with RON. Before signing up with a RON platform, see if you can avail a free demo. This will help you in understanding the interface of the platform.

5. Technical support

No technology is perfect and it is common for notaries to face glitches while performing RON. However, it is important that the platform has an efficient technical support team to help you during such glitches. Make sure that the platform you use has a 24-7 technical support team to assist you with every technical problem.


Choosing the right RON platform can be tricky as there are plenty of options. If you are unable to decide on the platform using the above pointers, you can get in touch with other RON notaries to get some advice. A great resource is Side Hustle Seattle and her Youtube channel. You can check it out here.


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